Saida Omme Tania, mostly known by her stage name Saida Tani is a Bangladeshi singer, song writer, internationally accomplished & published performer, model. Best known for her folk, spiritual unique style of singing and elegant traditional visual appearance.

Saida Tani began to sing at the age of four. She started her singing career as a child, giving her first performance in a Junior school Competition. She did her early studies in Shibpur Pilot Girls High School, Motijheel Ideal school & college. There after she completed her graduation in HRM. She received her first musical training initially from her aunty (Fatima) for a school competition, her family recognized her musical talent and she was sent to a Local music school where her foundation in music was laid.

In the mean time she participated in many competitions. And as a young contestant she won national prizes like Jatiyo shishu puroskar, Mousumi shishu puroskar in Lokogeeti, Nazrul geeti, & Hamd n Naat in 1998, 1999, 2000 & 2001. Also she was an active member at stage drama and acting at school and university. She organized several fashion shows, stage drama where she was an active participant.

As her parents are government employee, her family moved to different places for their Job but Tani kept practicing and training herself in music from local music schools . She says, Music always being a big part of me and the only thing that brings me all the happiness of the world.

Saida Omme Tania biography

Saida Tani joined Chayanot the biggest musical institution in Bangladesh, and continued her musical journey with a specialized course in Nazrul geeti. Meanwhile, She had years of gap in music as she was busy with her educational involvement & she finished her graduation in HRM. She moved to London for her higher studies. And she completed her MSC in health and social care management from University of Bradford, UK. Her love for music was always there in her mind and her dream is to take Bangla music to the world musical industry.

When she moved to UK she was exposed to different types of music like Pop, Hindi, Adhunik but Bangla folk music became a vital part of her musical life. She joined a band named Dhaka Dreams and after that she started solo.

She performed in Baishakhi Mela, Uk since 2012, the biggest event in Uk & Europe & amazed the crowd with her mind blowing performances. Also she won recognition through live performances, numerous concerts, stage shows in Bangladesh and abroad, televised singing programmes in UK TV channels. Meanwhile she is carrying several concerts regularly and also running radio programmes and interviews very frequently.

Her defiant boldness and liberal portrayal of glitzy presence, needless to say mentioned by her Mentor,teacher Md. Moniruzzaman Khan. She released her first debut solo Bondhure Koi Pabo Shokhi Go a song By A famous bengali spiritual Baul Somrat Shah Abdul Karim.

Her recent cinematography, graceful presence and expression are definitely mind blowing for audiences and sometime these may create obsession to her youngster fans, with her enthralling presentation in celluloid film, she definitely magnetizes her audiences.

Her most recent single Tomaro Piriti already won thousands of her fans heart.

Saida Omme Tania biography

Saida tani better known as a Bengali Versatile singer with her powerful voice and wonderful performances. Saida Tani considered as a most desirable Bengali young artist as her vocal known as soulful, commanding and vulnerable which brings the spiritual & inspirational meaning to the bangla folk songs.

She has a heartwarming voice. A Bangladeshi expatriate singer created her stardom in London. Holding her starship she bears a mindset which nourishes very respect and pays value to human being and always tries to understand the very core of humanity. Even more importantly, she has both a melodious voice with a lovely personality and a trained vocal as a singer. Her unwavering dedication, coupled with training and her naturally melodious voice is all the right ingredients for a growing career.

Not only her vocal she also reflects her fans by her style, appearances and her fashion sense. Tani fashion incorporates tradition, bright colors, humor such as her trademark spinning turban around her head which creates her modern Baul look. Saida Tani indentifies as song a writer and she stated writing is something she really enjoys and its her secret magic trick to get her joy and pain out of her head. She likes to write and enjoy tune her songs, she recorded her song Tomar Majhe Hariye jaoa, Dur bohudur , O Prottasha.

She plays musical instruments like Harmonium, keyboard and she mentioned me and my harmonium are the best friends ever we speak to each other in our own musical language & its fun.

As almost everyone will agree, her music videos are of a different league. The limelight will eventually seek her talent out of the shadows. Her exquisitely beautiful expression just like a blooming rainbow picturesque invites twilight where mile tuning will touch heart and magnetic verbalization of her passion fantasized audience.

An artistic and panoramic portrayal of her lovely smile always strikes the green horn hearts of millions of young sensations. Masterpiece like her can very easily grasp the surreptitious connotation of any mesmerizing sound.

Saida Omme Tania biography

According to Saida Tani her first influence in her life is her parents. Tani named Runa Layla as her idol and biggest music influence. Tani thinks Runa Layla is an Musical Icon for her. She stated any good music is an inspiration for me.

Also she mentioned she likes western music ,Indian classical music. She named Nichole Scherzinger , Asha Bhoshle as a major influence and idol. Also her friends, family, teachers always been a huge inspiration in her musical life, she stated.

Saida Omme Tania biography

Saida Tani has collaborated with Bangladeshi, Indian, Pakistani, Srilankan singers such as Ibrar Tipu, Mangal Sing, Raza Kashif etc. Saida Tani collaborated with Arjun , remix of a song by Drake Hold On which has reached over 12 million hits.

Tani was featured in a song named Teri Jawani where she sang English And Hindi. Also she worked for a TV drama called Thikana in a leading role with a famous Bangladeshi actor & TV personality Mamunur Rashid.

Tani got her international breakthrough by collaborating with international stars Like Arjun, Charles Bosco, Mangal Sing. She appeared in several TV shows, talk shows, musical shows in Bengali, Indian TV channels and International radio like BBC, Sunny & Shays show by BBC, Bobby Friction by BBC Asian network, BBC Asian network and top charts with Nadia Ali etc.

Saida Omme Tania biography

Saida Tani was born in Bangladesh, her father Abdul Motalib Khan & Mother Rehana Akhter, she has a younger brother and a sister Tuhin & Tonny. Saida Tani who is believed to be an icon & internationally accomplished versatile singer, attributes her success to her parents, her family, friends and Fans.

Along with her music she is a hard working woman with a perfect professional background where she has worked with several known companies, international NGO etc. Tani is very concerned and well known for her fashion sense and her wardrobe. She loves travelling, shopping, spending time with friends. It miles apart, she intend to cross overseas for her higher education and to become a heartthrob in music arena.

Saida Omme Tania biography